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Bird Baths and Garden Bowls

Leaf Relief's Bird Baths are designed for a shallow well of water and  greater visibility for the birds to watch for predators.
The Garden Bowls are deeper  - great for  rinsing your hands or splashing some cool water on your face on a hot day. They also serve beautifully as a flower bowl amidst those perennial  garden plants that form a sea of green in between flowering times.
 These are nice inside in the winter for floating flowers, fruit or even candle bowls. They are available with footings for sitting on the table as a centrepiece.
All bowls are cast both sides, simulating a true leaf.
Both designs are available with or without a metal stand
Price range
 Bird Baths - with stand $225 to 300 (tx incl.) 
Garden Bowls  - with stand and table footing $150 to $250, dependant on size and complexity of design.

Bird Baths

Flower Bowls

All tables are 2 foot round
They are sold with a fitted steel base
Prices vary from $195 to $250
tx included