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These photographs show the full range in style of fountains

They are designed with a strong steel tripod for support.

More details below

The reservoirs can be used above ground on a deck or balcony
Sunken in ground for a garden set up.


Leaf Relief fountains range in price from $400 to $650
However, fountains can also be purchased  in components, with or without reservoir
You may want to set up your fountain  beside an existing water feature.
These fountains can be set up on a deck or balcony and if you have the right spot, bring it indoors in the winter
Pricing based on what you need for a set up.
Questions? - email Deb

Delivery to your home (within Kingston) =  $25
I provide clear instruction to set up a fountain when delivered - A simple setup.

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Tags :These fountains add  romance and old world charm to your garden, balcony or deck.