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Leaf Relief offers more than one type of fountain

All fountains can be left in place for winter

Your deck, balcony or a spot in the garden where you can dig to bury the reservoir - all  provide a soothing trickling sound and a sense of a graceful atmosphere. 

Here's an overview of the main styles of fountains 

I enjoy commission work as well.

The above ground reservoir fountains can be used indoors in winter, adding a sweet sound and some moisture in the air

All fountains are supplied with pumps and tubing

Prices range from $350 to $600

They can be custom colour tinted and purchased outright at shows or custom ordered 

Leaf Relief is a Kingston studio - with Deb Stagg

The Deck Fountain:
With a reservoir of cement with a decorative fringe, these   above ground reservoir and fountain leaves, supported with a steel tripod are best for deck or balconies. They can also be brought into the house for winter if you like.

Detail of reservoir - these can also be used for planters  but
 accompany the fountain beautifuly to be the water reservoir

 The main leaf  in the above is supported by a steel tripod and very sturdy.

The Garden Fountain
Below is a similar  3 leaf fountain -  that has been set into the garden with the reservoir buried. The reservoir holds the pump. The excavated dirt is used to support the leaves - no tripod support  required

Two more examples of fountains with a sunken cement reservoir. The top fringe of the cement reservoir is usually colour tinted to match the fountain leaves

The depth in soil required is only 13inches

My other main type of fountains  incorporate a rubber bucket -  for a reservoir and for the pump.
It replaces the cement reservoir
 This is a Ground Fountain and although the appearance is very simliar to the sunken cement reservoir system shown above,
 the set up and moving of the system is simpler and lighter.


Below is a new  design for an indoor fountain or for use on the deck. I love it's simplicity and beauty.

Fountains can also be purchased  in components, with or without reservoir as you  may want to set up your fountain  beside an existing water feature.

Let's talk about what would look most wonderful in your garden or on your deck.

Here are some wonderful set ups that clients have created at home.
This wee bluejay comes in for a regular shower in the fountain! I love watching the birds come in for a bath