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 Garden Finger Bowls
& Garden Tables

Leaf Relief's Bird Baths are designed for a shallow well of water.
The Garden Bowls are deeper  - great for  rinsing your hands or splashing some cool water on your face on a hot day. They also serve beautifully as a flower bowl amidst those perennial plants that form a sea of green in between flowering times.


All bowls are cast both sides, simulating a true leaf.
Both bird baths and some garden bowl designs are
available with or without a metal stand

Price Range
Garden Bowls  - with stand or table footing $50 to $300, dependant on size and complexity of design.

Bird Baths - with stand $250 to $300 (tx incl.)

Bird Baths


All tables are 2 foot round
They are sold with a fitted steel base
Prices vary from $225 to $300
tx included

 More photos to be posted soon.
I love these garden tables and can't wait to show you my new work!