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Posting this picture of a stepping stone soon. We have other leaves we can experiment with in the class

 Rain Catcher & Stepping Stone Workshop

10 to 5

All tax & materials included 

This is an introduction to my techniques in casting simple forms, making stepping stones and rain catching leaves (These delect the water away from your foundation.)

The stepping stones  are great for your own garden or  pathway as they help to avoid compacting the soil around your plant's roots

I'll demonstrate painting concrete.

Please bring a sandwich I will have a salad, iced tea, lemonade, coffee  for you

Pass this info along to a friend or colleague and you'll have someone to share your next project with - perhaps that  pathway through the garden?

 For those who can free up a weekday
gather a group of 4 friends for a private 

Casting Party

I 'm offering a weekday workshop, 5 leaf Stepping Stones for a private workshop with friends/family - booked as a group of four
 Email me and we can look at dates together.

 Email to register deb@debstagg.com