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All fountains can be left in place for winter, but the pump
is pulled out, easily.

Your deck, balcony or a spot in the garden all  provide a gentle trickling sound and  a graceful atmosphere.


Here's an overview of my main styles of fountains 

If you would like to talk about a particular style that would suit your home:

Right click and copy the image and send it to me. We can discuss what you'd like by email & photos and the final details are decided for your approval.

All fountains are supplied with pumps and tubing Prices range from $350 to $700

They can be custom colour tinted.
Leaf Relief is a downtown Kingston studio.
We can load by dolly into your trunk, ready for home - a simple setup.

The Deck Fountain above:

With a cement reservoir  with a decorative fringe, these below level reservoirs (a black rubber bucket) have a decoratve ring , a covering over the bucket

These three leaf fountains with a decorative skirt of leaves are quite fabulous!

The reservoir could also be topped with flat stones as on the left.
The depth in soil required is only 13inches

Fountains can also be purchased  in components, with or without reservoir as you  may want to set up your fountain  beside an existing pond.

Let's talk about what would look most wonderful in your garden or on your deck.